Viral Video Renews Concerns Over Police Brutality in Minneapolis

Court remains in recess through Monday March 29 in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former officer charged with the death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile a video of Police slamming and punching a man in north Minneapolis on Wednesday afternoon has gone viral. The nearly 4-minute video reignites concerns over police brutality and excessive use of force in Black and Brown communities. In the beginning of the video you see a young man crying while being arrested by police. Bystanders plead for police to wait for his mom to arrive.

As the amount of bystanders increased officers walked the young man away from their vehicles down the street. The man recording tried to follow but soon realized another man behind him was being thrown to the ground and punched several times by police. Several officers with the Sheriff’s department arrived on the scene, wearing helmets, vests, and carrying weapons.
At the time of this report the Minneapolis Police Department had yet to comment on the incident. We did confirm with other sources the incident happened in front of North Side Boxing gym. One of the members, Donald Williams is a key witness for the Derek Chauvin Trial. The gym’s head coach says the incident did not involve any of its members.
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Photo Courtesy of Thaiphy