Families Seek to Reopen Past Cases of Police Brutality

Georgia Fort reports:
Over fifty people gathered in Saint Paul Wednesday demanding all cases of police violence be reopened for investigation. The gathering was spearheaded by Marilyn Hill, in remembrance of her son Demetrius Hill who was killed by Saint Paul Police in 1997. No officer was charged. 
“They shot an innocent young boy who was 18 years old, had a career, was gonna graduate,” said Hill. 
The 24th anniversary of Demetrius’ death prompted the gathering, just one week following the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin. Marilyn Hill was joined by nearly a dozen others who have lost loved ones at the hands of police.
The Minnesota Coalition for Police Accountability is pushing eight police reform bills at the state legislature, including one which would remove the statute of limitations on cases like Marilyn’s.
“So I’m here fighting for justice to get my case reopened,” said Hill. “Justice for all the mothers that’s child has been victimized and involved in a murder. I’m 62 years old – I’m tired of loved ones getting killed for non reason.”
Governor Tim Walz and the People of Color and Indigenous Caucus of the Minnesota Senate are urging the state legislature to pass meaningful reforms by May 3rd, so that they aren’t reduced to end-of-session bargaining chips.