Roses from Concrete

This week, we cover the legislative fight brewing around reforms to policing while checking in with local artists and front-line activist Lewiee Blaze about how he is living through his voice in this moment of reckoning. Guest: Lewiee Blaze.,

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  • Soul-Farewell
    In our Farewell episode, we look back at what Bearing Witness has meant to Anthony and Georgia and some of the moments that made it special. We also look ahead to where hosts see themselves moving forward. From, now, Pastor Anthony’s Ministry work to Geor
  • Soul-Humans
    On this second to last episode of Bearing Witness, Anthony and Georgia Discuss developments in the Potter Trial and check-in with Humanities Center CEO Kevin Lindsey on being one of the financial backers and supporters of the Racial Reckoning Project, and
  • Soul Hope
    With the upcoming closing of the Racial Reckoning Project, Georgia and reporter Feven Gerezgiher reflect on their time together and how this project has brought them some hope during a difficult time.
  • Soul-Reckoning
    Anthony and Georgia catch up on this week’s news and check-in with Racial Reckoning founder Freddie Bell about the origin of the project and where he sees it going in the future.
  • Soul Birth
    After a tumultuous week, we’re joined by one of the only Black male doulas in the state, William Moore. With a high percentage of Black women still dying from difficulties during birth, the importance of community advocates is more crucial now than ever.