Roses from Concrete

This week, we cover the legislative fight brewing around reforms to policing while checking in with local artists and front-line activist Lewiee Blaze about how he is living through his voice in this moment of reckoning. Guest: Lewiee Blaze.,

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  • Soul-Study
    Anthony checks in with Georgia about the recent developments in the Mohamad Noor Case and talks with Dr. Kim Park Nelson, Ethnic Studies Professor at Winona State University about how important ethnic studies education is to our current moment of reckonin
  • Soul-Representation
    Anthony checks in with Georgia about the recent high-speed chase leading to more community deaths questioning our willingness to change. Our hosts also check in with entertainment reporter Neal Justin about how he is experiencing this moment and the willi
  • Soul-Progress
    Anthony and Georgia discuss the current developments in Louisiana and Afghanistan and check in with Zachary Hylton about changes in progress he has seen both in the local community and among county governments.
  • Soul-Repair
    On this episode, Georgia and Anthony Check in with local clergy members Jim Bear Jacobs and Pamela Ngunjiri who lead the racial Justice department of the Minnesota Council of Churches. As Indigenous and Black faith leaders, how are they dealing with this
  • Soul-Learnin’
    In this episode, Anthony and Georgia discuss the increasing COVID-19 rates in children amidst the coming start of the school year with Chauntyl Allen, St. Paul Public School Board Member and executive director of Love First.