On this episode, Georgia and Anthony Check in with local clergy members Jim Bear Jacobs and Pamela Ngunjiri who lead the racial Justice department of the Minnesota Council of Churches. As indidenous and Black faith leaders, how are they dealing with this moment of reckoning both in support of the community, and in care of themselves?

Racial Reckoning: The Arc of Justice is a journalism initiative from Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota’s Communities, KMOJ Radio, and the Minnesota Humanities Center covering the trials of the officers accused of killing George Floyd, the community’s reaction, and exploring the changes needed to create a more just society.

The project employs seasoned reporters, as well as up-and-coming broadcast journalists from BIPOC communities, to create daily updates, weekly updates in Hmong, Somali, and Spanish, as well as in-depth weekly radio shows and podcasts exploring criminal justice reform, community healing, community resiliency, and more.

The long-term goal of Racial Reckoning: The Arc of Justice is to work toward changing problematic racial narratives in local news media, engage communities, amplify community solutions to narrative change, and empower educators to discuss race in the classroom.

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