Prior Lake Students Racial Slurs Spark Outrage

Georgia Fort reports:


Hundreds gathered at Prior Lake High School Thursday to demand a student who used racial slurs in a viral video be expelled.


Students were joined by organizers and activists from Minneapolis. Toshira Garroway, founder of Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence, said if racist behavior goes unaddressed in high school it will manifest into these children’s adult lives. 


“We’re asking that the principal of this school…we want a resignation, or we want your [expletive] fired,” said Garroway. “We want those children that were involved expelled immediately.”


Several of the youth became emotional when sharing their concerns for the safety of Nya, the Black student targeted in the viral video while others went on to share their own stories of racial tension and discrimination in the classrooms.


“My chemistry teacher told me that George Floyd’s life didn’t matter,” said one student. “I told my principal about it and he said there is nothing he can do.”


High Schoolers from St. Louis Park and Richfield were also in attendance to show solidarity. Many of them said they had experienced racist situations within their schools as well and demanded teachers who have racial complaints against them be fired as well.


A Prior Lake school board meeting is planned for Monday night. Students and parents say they plan to voice their concerns and demands.



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