Minnesotans March Against Rittenhouse Verdict, Prior Lake Hate Crime

Over the weekend, many Minnesotans took to the streets to denounce the verdict which acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of murder. Meanwhile, dozens of students and families showed solidarity for the victim of a recent hate crime in Prior Lake. 

Feven Gerezgiher reports: 


On Friday, a Wisconsin judge acquitted 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges related to the shooting – and killing – of protesters for black lives last year. Over the weekend, many Minnesotans took to the streets to denounce the verdict.


In downtown Minneapolis Saturday, activist DJ Hooker criticized the legal system and President Joe Biden, who made remarks supporting the jury’s decision.


“It’s just so messed up to see them making sure to reinforce the fact that these white supremacists…can go around and kill who they want with no repercussions. With no repercussions!” he yelled to the crowd.


Hooker said the verdict was hard to hear having witnessed the death of a protestor for black lives in Minneapolis earlier this summer.


In related news, hours after the verdict on Friday, over 50 students and their supporters gathered outside U.S. Bank Stadium in solidarity with the victim of a racist video out of Prior Lake High School.


“We’re here today because of the injustices that have been happening in our schools, in our state, and first and foremost Prior Lake, said student rally co-organizer Nyagath Keuth.


Keuth, who is with MN Teen Activists, spoke against white teens being given a pass when they harm black youth.


Several South Sudanese parents expressed dismay at how their children are being treated. Langa Oriho spoke as a family friend to the black victim.


“We thought we left our home to come to heaven, though we left our hell to come to another hell,” he said. “But we’re still hopeful, because we’re not going anywhere.”

Oriho said immigrants are here to build a United States that belongs to everyone.

Photo Credit: Feven Gerezgiher



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