Black Table Arts Empowers Artists, Community

Black Table Arts hosts events and writing workshops. Over the last couple of months it has served as a community hub, handing out gas masks to protestors and holding healing space during the Derek Chauvin trial. This Friday it’s hosting “Embracing Our Roo

Art Exhibition Commemorates George Floyd’s death

Almost one year after the murder of George Floyd, art commemorating his life – and the movement that followed – was put on display at Phelps Park in Minneapolis. The art was created on plywood that was being used to board up storefronts in the days follow

Major Grants Boost POC Arts Organizations

Ten Black, Indigenious, Latino and Asian American-led arts organizations in the Twin Cities and Dultuth are getting grants of at least half a million dollars each. The grants were given in recognition that these organizations have not enjoyed the deep and

MN Senate Moves Slowly on Police Reform Bills

With only five days left in the Minnesota legislative session, Governor Tim Walz, democratic representatives and faith leaders are calling on the Republican-led state senate to move with urgency on the police reform bills. Meanwhile, Judge Cahill found fo

Brooklyn Center Proposes Police Policy Overhaul

Less than a month after veteran police officer Kim Potter shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot presented Saturday a series of proposals that would ultimately remove police from traffic enforcem

Backers of Police Reform Bills Push MN Senate to Act Quickly

Senate Republicans say the first public safety conference committee meeting is set for Monday. With just over two weeks left in the session, supporters of police reform worry their bills won’t get the attention they require. Samantha HoangLong reports.