National Expert Says Chauvin’s Use of Force Was Excessive

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jody Stiger took the stand Tuesday afternoon as the State’s expert witness on use of force. Having done extensive research on use of force policies nationwide Stiger concluded that Derek Chauvin’s use of force on George Floyd was excessive. Stiger said that initially, when Floyd was actively resisting arrest, the officers were justified in using force. 

“However once he was placed in the prone position on the ground, he slowly ceased his resistance and the ex-officers should have stopped their force as well,” said Stiger.

Sgt. Stiger was still being questioned by the state when Judge Cahill abruptly ended court an hour early.

Meanwhile, outside of the courtroom, Reverend Al Sharpton held a public prayer followed by remarks from George Floyd’s family, including his brother Philonise.

“After we get this verdict, and we get this conviction, we’ll be able to breathe,” he said.

Court is scheduled to resume at 9:30 am Wednesday, however more pretrial hearings are scheduled before court. The Judge has stated he plans to make a ruling on the testimony of George Floyd’s friend Morries Hall. Hall has asked to plead the 5th in fear that his testimony could be incriminating. Hall was with Floyd when he died and is currently in jail on charges unrelated to Mr. Floyd’s death.

Georgia For reporting for the Racial Reckoning project.