Witness in Derek Chauvin Trial Changes Stance on the Stand

A bit of back and forth during the Derek Chauvin Trial left a witness changing his testimony. BCA Special Agent James Reyerson was asked what he thought George Floyd was saying at a specific moment during his fatal arrest.
Attorney Eric Nelson: “Did you hear that?” Reyerson: “Yes I did.” Nelson: “Did it appear that Mr. Floyd said  ‘I ate too many drugs.’?”Reyerson: “Yes it did.”
That was BCA Special Agent James Reyerson’s response when he was questioned by defense attorney Eric Nelson. Nelson’s question was followed by a 3-second video clip. After a short recess, the Prosecution played over 15 seconds of the same video to give the witness more context to what other people were saying. Special Agent Reyerson then changed his testimony.
Assistant Minnesota Attorney General Matthew Frank: “Having heard it in context, are you able to tell what Mr. Floyd was saying there?”  Reyerson: “Yes I believe Mr. Floyd was saying ‘I ain’t do no drugs.’”Frank: “So it’s a little different than what you were asked about when you only saw a portion of the video, correct?”Reyerson: “Yes, sir.”
The defense’s stance is that George Floyd died of a drug overdose, not due to asphyxiation caused by Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck.
Two more employees of the BCA took the stand, both forensic scientists. During their testimony, attorneys presented never before seen photos of inside of George Floyd’s vehicle. More than a dozen evidence samples were collected and tested included drops of blood and drug paraphernalia.
George Floyd’s brother Rodney was in the courtroom today speaking with court reporters briefly, he appeared to be emotionally drained.
Georgia Fort reporting for the Racial Reckoning project