A Medic’s Story

Georgia Fort reports: 
A total of nearly 300 protestors were arrested in Brooklyn Center the week following Daunte Wright’s death. 18-year-old Jonah Ralph-Guentouri was one of them. He says he was protesting peacefully and volunteering as a medic when he and other protestors were sprayed with tear gas and rounded up. 
“I don’t like people getting killed by police repeatedly because of their color. Like it hasn’t even been a year since George Floyd – that’s why I go out,” he said.
136 people were arrested that night. Jonah says he was held over the weekend on a 36 hour hold.
“Every hour feels like a day. I was held from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon. They didn’t charge me – everybody was arrested on probable cause riot.”
Protestors were at the Brooklyn Center Police Department to demand murder charges for former officer Kimberly Potter. Potter, who has been charged with second degree manslaughter for shooting Daunte Wright, was released on bail just hours after being arrested. 
Meanwhile Republican Senator David Osmek authored a bill proposing that anyone convicted of offenses related to protests, rallies or civil unrest be prohibited from obtaining any kind of financial assistance from the state. It has yet to be scheduled to be heard at the Senate.

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