Residents Nearby Daunte Wright Protest Site Dealing With Lingering Effects of Tear Gas

Photo Credit: Phil Ward

I’m Georgia Fort with the latest in Minneapolis Brooklyn center Mayor Mike Elliot is addressing concerns of residents following a week of tear gas being used in front of their homes to disperse protestors demanding justice for Daunte Wright.  Here’s what he said in an exclusive interview.

“People have said there is still residue left in the carpets and that kids are still having a reaction so we are contracting to have the carpets cleaned to remove what’s left of the tear gas.”

Two mothers in the apartment across from the Brooklyn Center Police department say their children are still suffering from health issues as a result. “They were coughing instantly, choking at some point, vomiting, loose stomach.” (Second mom) “when a week goes pst and my son is having nose bleeds, I mean we are getting assurance from poison control but no assistance from the police.”

Residents say their priority at this point is to relocate.  “We do need mental health resources but more importantly how can we move away from here into a more safer environment.”

Mayor Elliot held a listening session Monday evening to hear from community members on reimagining public safety within their city.

A local organization called our sisters keeper is also working with landlords to help residents who no longer feel safe get out of their lease.

On Tuesday, the lawyer for convicted murderer Derek Chauvin filed a motion for a new trial. We’ll have more on that later this week. For the racial reckoning project, I’m Georgia Fort

Photo Credit: Phil Ward

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