North Minneapolis Families Demand Solutions to Gun Violence

Six year old Aniya Allen is the third child to be shot in North Minneapolis in as many weeks. Families say such shootings deserve as much attention as police brutality has received. 

Georgia Fort reports:
Residents in North Minneapolis are grief-stricken and furious following the shooting of another child. Aniya Allen, the 6-year-old granddaughter of peace activist Kay G is in critical condition at North Memorial hospital. Aniya is the third child to be shot in the last three weeks.
Sondra Samuels, President of North Side Achievement Zone, spoke to the other two shootings on Monday.  “I am going to say the name cause the protestors aren’t here saying the name.  So I got to stand here saying the name of Trinity, who got shot in the head on my block down the street from my house Saturday night. 8-years-old. I’m saying her name. Where are the other people?,” asked Samuels. “I guess we’re not saying her name because a white police officer didn’t shoot her in the head. I’m saying LaDavion’s name because Ladavion a 10-year-old on 35th and Morgan got shot in the head. Maybe, we’re not saying his name maybe we’re not marching maybe we’re not demanding change because a white police officer did not assault.”
A vigil for Aniya was held outside of the North Memorial Hospital. Meanwhile councilmember Philippe Cunninigham continues to call for community-centered solutions.
“I live in this neighborhood. I have heard the gunshots that have killed a 16-year-old. I heard the gunshots last night that shot a 6 year old. I live in the middle of this. We as city council members are not in an ivory tower. My family is impacted too. We are all in on disrupting the spread of the violence we are experiencing.”
This just one day after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced new programs to address the ongoing gun violence. 


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