New MNDoT Signage Recognizes Native Territory

More than a decade after their initial request, three Ojibwe Tribal Nations will have the boundaries of their 1854 treaty with the United States acknowledged on state highways. Feven Gerezgiher reports

Charter Schools Present Options, Problems

Text Charter school handwritten on sheet of notebook

Critics of charter schools say they are draining funding from school districts; proponents say they are providing much needed options to traditional education. Feven Gerezgiher reports.

Healing Trauma Through Doll-Making

hands of woman sewing hair to the Waldorf doll, closeup

An Indigenous youth group has brought together different nations and generations to heal from the violent legacy of boarding schools. Feven Gerezgiher reports

Communities of Color Seek Healing in Nature

Fall foliage at Dallabach Lakes in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Over the last year and a half more Black, Indigenous, and people of color are finding community and healing in Twin Cities parks. Feven Gerezgiher reports

Film Festival Celebrates Afro Latino Culture

national hispanic heritage celebration lettering with people in square frame vector illustration design

This year the Cine Latino Film Festival includes a focus on African heritage and culture in an effort to better reflect the diversity of Latinidad.