Minneapolis Remembers George Floyd

On the one-year anniversary of his murder by police, George Floyd was remembered in cities across the world. In Minneapolis, the city where he was killed, community members gathered to celebrate his life and reaffirm the fight for justice. Feven Gerezgihe

An Anxious Anniversary

It’s been a year since George Floyd was murdered by police. Hope for reform is offset by ongoing violence. Feven Gerezghier reports.

Nature Retreat Centers Healing for BIPOC, Queer Communities

On a farm an hour away from the Twin Cities, a cooperative is creating a respite from tense police-community relations. “The Fields at Rootsprings” offers a connection to nature for communities of color who’ve historically had limited access. Feven Gerezg

Derek Chauvin’s Attorney Seeks a New Trial

The defense attorney filed a motion arguing that the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd was not given due process. The motion alleges that the publicity surrounding the trial intimidated the defense’s witnesses and influ