Mpls City Council Recognizes the Confederate Flag as a Hate Symbol

Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA - - April 5, 2020: An old cemetery on a hill under cloudy skies with a confederate flag fly and a blooming springtime tree.

The Minneapolis City Council adopted a resolution recognizing the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate and white supremacy. The resolution cites that opponents to the Black Lives Matter movement have used the flag to intimidate protestors and perpetuate v

Protestors Seek to Have Charges Dropped

Activists on Thursday called on local officials to drop all charges against protestors demanding justice for Black lives. Mass arrests have become more common in the last year, with 646 people arrested during a march last November, and another 150 at a pr

Activists Demand Accountability for Private Security

Minneapolis community members say a private security team in Uptown has seriously injured 3 people. They say they’re concerned the city is effectively outsourcing policing to private military contractors. Feven Gerezgiher reports.

In Memory of John Lewis, Activists Push for Voting Rights

Protestors gathered at the Minnesota state capitol Saturday to remember civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis on the one-year anniversary of his death. It was part of a nationwide action supporting federal voting rights legislation. Feven Gerezgiher re

Uptown Incident Raises Concerns Over Private Security

Security guard are regulating the situation of safety in an event concert in a nightclub.

A video taken Wednesday night shows several armed men assaulting a woman in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. The men refused to identify themselves to bystanders, but appeared to be acting as security for Seven Points, formerly known as Calhoun Squ

Incidents Raise Policing Concerns in Rural Minnesota

Olivia, Minnesota attracted attention last week when a police officer shot and killed Ricardo Torres Jr. Torres’ friends and relatives say the officer has repeatedly harassed their community. According to the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU, it’s not an iso

No Charges Yet In Death of Winston Smith

It’s been over a month since Winston Smith, Jr. was killed by members of a federal task force, and charges have yet to be brought against any involved. The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said Smith fired shots at officers as they tried to arrest him. But

Five Years On, Community Remembers Philando Castile

On July 5, 2016 a police officer shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. A jury failed to convict the officer. Still, Castile’s legacy lives on in the people he inspired. Feven Gerezgiher reports.

MN Legislature Passes Public Safety Bill

The final bill limits no-knock search warrants, expands access to private information on police misconduct, and creates “sign-and-release” warrants. Racial justice activists say negotiations left out significant policing reforms. Feven Gerezgiher reports