In this episode, Georgia and Anthony tackle a whirlwind week with the trial turning towards closing arguments and another death at the hand of police with the murder of Daunte Wright.


This week, we recap the first week of the trial and check-in with Mrs. Georgia and Lawyer and Activist Nekima Levy Armstrong on how they are staying strong and grounded as they relive the traumatic murder of George Floyd through the trial procedings.


Feeding the Soul

This week, Anthony and Georgia discuss the coming trial start and speak with two community healers; Rose McGee of sweet potato comfort pie circle dialogues and Kimberly Handy Jones, Founder of Mother’s Banquet serving mothers who have lost sons to violenc

Making Sense of It all

This week, we discuss recent developments in the Chauvin trial and check in with community member and adjunct law professor Alexandria Reyes-Schroeder about how she is experiencing this moment in history

Wailing at the Wall

Anthony and Georgia discuss the Jury selection process and talk with Elder Stacey Smith, Jurisdictional head of the AME Church, about how she is experiencing this “shift” during the trial process. Rev. Stacey Smith, Elder of the St. Paul/Minneapolis distr


Anthony and Georgia connect the idea of watchnight in African American Communities to the anticipation of the coming Chauvin Trial. They also speak with community member Kevin Lindsay, CEO of the MN Humanities Center. Guest Kevin Lindsay, CEO Humanities C