Soul-Tools: Truth and Love

Georgia and Anthony discuss the week’s developments and a throughline of resistance to truthtelling that is being felt across the country. We also check in with Monique Linder, founder and CEO of OMG Media Solutions who shares about a Civil Rights Researc


On this episode, Anthony and Georgia discuss the recent violence enacted on protesters demanding justice for Winston Smith and check in with local poet and executive director of TruArtSpeaks Tish Jones on how she is experiencing this moment from a collect


This week, Anthony and Georgia recap recent developments in the Winston Smith Case along with their spouses who have been experiencing this moment both as themselves and in support of their partners covering this reckoning real-time. Guests: Alanna Gallow


On this episode, Anthony and Georgia discuss the recent developments at George Floyd Square and the connections to the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. They also check in with Feven Gerezgiher and Samantha HoangLong, two of the young repor


On this episode, Anthony and Georgia discuss the confluence of an overwhelming number of events from the anniversary of George Floyds murder, the shots at George Floyd Square on the day of the anniversary, to the splintering of community efforts to addres


In this episode, Anthony and Georgia explore the nuanced layers of POLICE KILLINGS, internal community violence, and the recent developments in the Potter case. They also check in with community elder Melvin Carter Jr, former officer and executive direct


This week, Georgia recaps the new developments in the trials including the new federal charges, aggravated sentencing, and the continued need for pressure on leaders to make changes. We also welcome P.J. Hill to discuss his work in the community and how b


After another turbulent week of legal motions around the murder of George Floyd, Anthony and Georgia check in with community organizer, artist, and mama (not only to her babies, but youth throughout the state) Mary Anne Quiroz.

Roses from Concrete

This week, we cover the legislative fight brewing around reforms to policing while checking in with local artists and front-line activist Lewiee Blaze about how he is living through his voice in this moment of reckoning. Guest: Lewiee Blaze


On this episode, Georgia and Anthony discuss the historic verdict in the Chauvin Trial while checking in with community healer and leader Dr. Joi Lewis who’s teaching has helped the crew get through the stress of covering our racial reckoning in Minnesota